Placing an Order Terms & Conditions FAQ's

To Place an Order
Please Provide the Following information when

Placing an Order:
1.) Issue number 
2.) Page number 
3.) Posted cost of artwork
4.) Brief description of the page
5.) If there is no scan of the page, please briefly describe the first panel scene.  This is to make sure the page numbering is the same (i.e. you want story page 12, not line-up page 12) and many pages are without lettering on the pages now, so word balloons will not be helpful in all situations.  
6.)  The only means of ordering is via E-mail Confirmation.  Please E-Mail all requests for pages  Please note due to the volume of requests, sometimes delays occur in the order confirmation process.  All order will be processed in the order they were received (i.e. if you placed an order on May 1 but don't receive a confirmation immediately, if someone else tries to order the same page on May 5, the page is still on hold for you).


1) ORDERS :  MUST be emailed  to . NO   EXCEPTIONS. Telephone and fax orders will no longer be accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We do our very best to make sure that the website is updated as often as possible and is as accurate as possible. In return, we ask that our customer only inquire about those pieces which they firmly intend on purchasing. 

2) CONNECTICUT  & FOREIGN ORDERS :  If  you are a Connecticut resident, or if this is a foreign order, please let me know WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER as this will affect both payment and shipping fees.  


Cash ( at customer's risk )

Personal or Business checks drawn ONLY from US Banks

Money Orders in US Funds only

Also, for an additional flat fee of $45.00 bank wire transfer service are now available. If this service is needed, please email for specific details.

  • Credit Cards are now accepted. Please email for details.
  • No Paypal  accepted.

4) SHIPPING SERVICES :  The shipping service speed such as Ground, Priority, Express, 3 Day Express Saver, etc., is solely at the discretion of The Artist's Choice.  The Artist's Choice accepts no responsibility for any additional delays caused by the shipping service, of your choice, once the package leaves our possession.


  • All payments must be made in United States currency
  • All artwork is shipped flat, secure and insured
  • Domestic shipping charges are $ 20.00 for Ground Domestic Shipping or $30.00 for FedEx Ground Domestic ( this applies for orders up to 10 pages). Canadian shipping is $55.00. Anywhere else is $65.00. We apologize for these higher rates, we do not set them ... they are set by the USPS for International shipping with tracking service. All International Orders are sent via USPS.

International orders will have the full purchase value declared on the customs declaration form in order for the package to be shipped. Please make sure to check in advance for your individual countries customs & import tax liabilities in order to find out what you will have to pay for the incoming artwork tariffs. By sending payment, you acknowledge that you are aware of your responsibility for these fees and acknowledge that you cannot decline delivery for these fees. NO refunds will be issues for the artwork, the shipping fees to you, or any return shipping fees should you decline to pay the import fees in your country. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule under any circumstances.

Disclaimers :
All purchases are subject to availability. As each piece is one of a kind, sales may occur before this web site can be updated. Customers MUST  confirm availability of artwork VIA EMAIL before sending payments.

Additional Disclaimers :
While we try to make sure prices and page numbers are accurate, typographical errors can occur. If an error occurs and an order has already been placed and / or payment received, the customer will have the option of purchasing page at the corrected price or refund at their discretion.

Although we do our best to make note of any blemishes & mild stains or mild damage due to handling ... it is impossible to make note of every single one. Certain degrees of blemishes, paper fatigue and stains are going to be present due to the constant handling of the artwork in the production process. Furthermore, a blemish. handling fatigue or stains ( unless quite prominent ) is open to interpretation. We apologize for any disappointment should you be unhappy,  but we cannot be responsible unless it is 100% apparent at time of listing and sale. As a result, WE ARE SORRY, BUT NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES WILL BE OFFERED OR ACCEPTED FOR BLEMISHES, MILD PAPER FATIGUE DUE TO HANDLING OR MILD STAINS .

The Artists Choice reserves the right to correct prices / page numbers without notice(even after an order had been placed). We apologize in advance for any inconvenience should an error occur.


  • What is a Splash Page Defined as for ordering?
  • Why do you Not accept Paypal?
  • Why do you Not Accept Telephone Orders?
  • If there are no scans available, can I request one?
  • Why is there a delay in an Order Confirmation?
  • Is the Website 100% Accurate?
  • Do you Buy Artwork?
  • Can I sell artwork through you/Have you represent me?
  • Can I arrange a visit to view the Artwork/Pick up a purchase in Person?
  • What is a Splash Page?
  • By definition for sale discounts etc.,

1) SPLASH  PAGES :  are any page where one image is either half the page or more horizontally or 2/3 or the page or more vertically.
2) PANEL PAGES : are any non splash page.
3) IN COSTUME vs. NON COSTUME PAGES : If any part of the costume is showing ... even just their boots ... it is considered an IN COSTUME page. As long as nothing of the costume is showing it is considered a NON COSTUME page.
4) NON COSTUMED CHARACTERS : Where a character does not have a costume (Luke Cage, Jonah Hex, G.I. Joe  for example)  in costume prices apply.

Why do you not accept Paypal?

Possibly my most frequently asked question, and the answer is that PayPal does not have a method (nor do most of their customers want one) to waive the Buyer Protection Policy for Fine Arts or 1 of a Kind Items.  While the purpose of this Policy on PayPal is to guarantee a replacement for a faulty item, no such replacement exists on Comic Book Original Artwork, so as a term of accepting PayPal, the business owner agrees to provide a full refund at any time, up to 1 year from Date of Purchase on some types of cards, if they cannot provide an exact replacement.  Due to this restriction, for me to accept PayPal I would have to withhold payment from the artist until the buyer protection policy time limit has passed, which is not fair to the artist.  I refuse to do this to the Artists I represent, so until PayPal create a Legally Upheld Waiver that may be used by their customers, I cannot accept PayPal.  This is especially true of International Orders, where US laws do not apply and there is no cost-effective mechanism in place to prosecute PayPal Fraud Charges Internationally.

Why do you not accept Telephone Orders Anymore?

 There is a two fold reason why this is now the case: 1) All e-mails are time-stamped.  This is especially crucial in fulfilling order requests on a first-come, first serve basis.  On especially hot books and pre-orders (Such as the Ultimate Books), sometimes several requests are made for the same page the day the pages are available (1 particular Ultimate Spider-Man page had over 25 requests the day the book shipped).  The only fair way I can determine who should have the first option to purchase the page is to go in the order in which they are received.  The time stamped nature of e-mail eliminates the confusion of who made the request first.  A telephone request does not have this option.  And 2) My business is run out of my home, and many customers get confused as to my business hours and were calling me at 3 AM my time to order artwork!  This simply was not fair to my family and loved ones, not to mention myself trying to get some sleep. 

If there are no scans available, can I request one?

At this time, no.  We are in the process of scanning every available page from all the artists we represent.  Currently there are approximately 20,000 scans on the website from various artists, and we do attempt to scan every newly available page as they come in.  Working through the backlog of pages (there are approximately 35,000 pages available currently through the website) is a time consuming process and is being done as fast as possible.

Why is there a delay in an Order Confirmation?
Quite simply, volume.  The Artist's Choice averages over 100 requests a week.  Many times, I fall behind in answering them.  Work for The Artist's Choice is done in addition to my full-time day job as well.  No order is confirmed until I have physically pulled the artwork and placed it aside with a copy of your e-mailed or faxed request.  This is to insure that all requests are filled as accurately as possible.  Be assured that all orders are answered strictly in the order they are received, so if the page is available, it will be placed on hold for you regardless of when the confirmation is sent.  If it has been longer than 10 business days since you sent an order and still have not received confirmation (I do try to be caught up as of every Sunday night), please send a 2nd e-mail enclosing your initial e-mail to inquire on the status.

Is the Website 100% Accurate?
Probably Not.  While the website is updated as regularly and accurately as possible (it is practically done on a daily basis) and is about 98-99% accurate, mistakes occur.  We can only apologize for any errors and that is also why we ask you to e-mail for order confirmation prior to sending payment.  This is also why the website is not setup with a Shopping Cart Feature. 

Do you Buy Artwork?

No.  I am an Artist's Representative only, which means I strictly sell artwork on their behalf.  I do not purchase artwork for the intent of resale through the website. 

Can I sell artwork through you/Have you represent me?

If you are interested in having me represent you, please contact me at .  Please be aware that I only represent artists working whose work is/has been published in mainstream comic books (DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse).  

Can I arrange a visit to see artwork prior to purchase/pick up in person? 

As stated earlier, the business is run out of my home.  I do not allow for personal visits and there is no storefront for The Artist's Choice.  I do exhibit at the New York Comic Con, Connecticut's Terrific Comic Con - TERRIFICON at the Mohegan Sun and other shows some years as well.

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All artwork being offered is 100% created solely by Mr. Rob Liefeld. Mr. Liefeld's process is as follows: He draws a rough draft on 8 1/2" x 11" copy paper first. He then blows up the image and blue lines it onto a standard 11" x 17" page of standard comic industry Bristol Board. He then finishes all of the artwork in pencil. Upon completion of the pencils ... he then fully renders the rest of the page in ink ending up with the finished artwork that is camera ready for publication. Make no mistake ... there is only ONE piece of complete original artwork and the blue line is only a production tool. As noted, the artwork IS penciled fully before inks.

(c) 2000-2016 The Artist's Choice. All Images & Characters contained within this site are copyright and trademark their respective owners. No portion of this web site, including the images contained herein, may be reproduced without the express written permission of the appropriate copyright & trademark holder. "The Artist's Choice" is a trademark of Spencer R. Beck. All rights reserved.